About the ReVerse 3 on 3 bball comp 2014


We’re currently taking registrations for the inaugural ReVerse 3 on 3. You can register your team of up to 4 players right up to 1 November, 2014 for $10 per player.



You can register your team by going to Sticky Tickets where you can purchase tickets (using credit card or Paypal) and provide all your contact details – HERE  


Teams are asked to wear same/similar coloured tshirts/singlets/jerseys wherever possible.

Balls, referees and scorers will be provided as part of the competition.

We are using FIBA 3 on 3 regular rules for the competition. We reserve the right to customise these rules and competition structure based on number of registrations and time restrictions on the day. All customised rules will be posted through on this website and communicated upon registration. You can view FIBA 3 on 3 rules – HERE

Custom rules which apply include:

  • The final draw will be provided through this website 3 days prior to the ReVerse event
  • Scoring shall be as per regular basketball rules including 3 points for shots outside of the 3 point line, 2 points for all other shots, and 1 point for free throws.
  • Each player shall be allocated 3 fouls each per game. Where players incur more than 3 fouls, every additional foul incurred will result in technical free throws for the team fouled and possession back.
  • Teams must arrive 15 minutes prior to allocated tip off times
  • Decisions of referees and tournament officials are final and shall not be disputed by players and supporters
  • Photographs and video of players will be used to promote ReVerse and Creative Tracks
  • Players must sign a waiver form to compete in the tournament



All players must arrive 15 minutes prior to allocated tip off times.

Teams are asked, wherever possible, to wear shirts/singlets/jerseys of a similar colour to assist referees and the crowd

Balls, referees and scorers will be provided by tournament organisers.

The tournament will be designed as a round robin, with teams with most wins progressing to quarter finals – all games in the round robin and quarters will be 10 minutes each. Organisers reserve the right to change this game length depending on the number of team registrations received. Games will be decided by most points scored in the time allocated OR first team to 21 points. Teams will also win if they reach 14 points without the other team scoring.

Semi finals and the Finals will be 20 minute games consisting of 2 x 10 minute halves with a 5 minute rest period between the halves. Depending on the number of team registrations received, the Final will either be 1 x 20 minute game, or a best-of-3 series comprised of 3 x 20 minute games.

Final decision on the structure of the tournament will be made by 3 November and communicated to all entrants.



We are still putting together prizes and currently have:

  • Basketball gear from Starter
  • Clothing and headphones from Skullcandy
  • Vouchers for dinner at an inner city restaurant
  • NBA jerseys
  • Music vouchers
  • MORE to come!



To find out more about the comp, help us promote it or volunteer to help on the day, contact Steph on 0413 057138 or steph@human.org.au.