We have a really diverse range of talented, professional, community-minded facilitators able to deliver workshops with young people and adults. Our team is growing every day! Here’s some of the artforms we consistently offer.


Singing and songwriting



Beatbox and raps

Our facilitators specialise in writing raps and then working together to develop melody and beats. Young people in all the communities we’ve visited now seem addicted to beatboxing, demonstrating the practice they’ve put in between our visits. Our workshops can be for individual young people, small groups who have or haven’t yet collaborated before or larger groups where we use exercises and games.


Beatmaking, recording and production

We work with great producers who really know how to relate to and work with young people. We like to create beats from scratch with them, rather than just using royalty free music, and so that even if they don’t want to create their own vocals, they can still be proud of making beats that other young participants are able to use. We also record live instruments and have been known to record musicians in community who might call themselves ‘young at heart’.


Film and photography

We use lightweight DSLR cameras for film workshops, mainly to create music videos and short films. Young people can get involved in these projects as ‘crew’ behind the camera or actors in front of the lens. We’ve also found photography to be very popular, particularly when young people’s skills with the gear improve, resulting in better quality photographs. Film and photography workshops are also great confidence builders for young people.


Dance and movement

We offer workshops in hip hop, contemporary, fusion and other dance forms that appeal to young people in your community.


Visual arts

We deliver a really wide range of visual arts workshops including zine making, jewellery making, painting & drawing, mosaics, mural painting and more. Typically, visual arts workshops aren’t the mainstay of our program, but we do find them very effective for bringing events together, designing signs and props for music videos and to attract younger people (6 to 12).