Cherbourg is located 4hrs north-west of Brisbane with a population of approx 2000. It is home to the Wakka Wakka people and many other tribal groups who were forcibly removed from their lands under the Aborigines Protection Act of 1897. Now, the community is run by its own Aboriginal Council and Creative Tracks works alongside the council and other key stakeholders in the community to deliver creative workshops at local schools and the Ration Shed. Some of our local partners include:

  • Cherbourg Aboriginal Council
  • The Ration Shed Museum
  • Radio Us Mob
  • Murgon State High School
  • Kingaroy State High School

Through 2016-2017 our work in Cherbourg saw the creation of a White Ribbon Day song and music video that brought young people and their Elders together to spread the message to speak out against family and domestic violence. Check out this deadly song and video made by the talented young people of Cherbourg…